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Waking Up Lost - A Mystical Fantasy Adventure

Fitz-Gerald, David

Part of The Adirondack Spirit Series

Traveling without warning. Nights lost to supernatural journeys. Is one young man fated to wander far from safety?

New York State, 1833. Noah Munch longs to fit in. Living with a mother who communes with ghosts and a brother with a knack for heroics, the seventeen-year-old wishes he were fearless enough to discover an extraordinary purpose of his own. But when he mysteriously awakens in the bedroom of the two beautiful daughters of the meanest man in town, he realizes his odd sleepwalking ability could potentially be deadly.

Can Noah find his place before he’s destroyed by a ruthless world?

Waking Up Lost is the immersive fourth book in the Adirondack Spirit Series. If you like coming-of-age adventures, magical realism, and stories of life on the American frontier, then you’ll love David Fitz-Gerald’s compelling chronicle.

Waking Up Lost is the BRONZE medal winner in HFC's 2021 Book of the Year Contest in the Historical Fantasy category.

Buy Waking Up Lost today!



Historical Fiction, Historical Fantasy

Red Winter Journey

Paul Rushworth-Brown

Currently nominated for Best Indie Book Award

A tale of a peasant family caught in the ravages of the English Civil War in 1642. A young man, Tommy Rushworth, tries to stay alive after being conscripted into the Parliamentary Army and taken off to war. Thomas Rushworth Snr is racing against time to save his son from imminent death in a war he wanted no part of.

Back in Haworth, Tommy's mother despairs, awaiting news of the fate of her son and husband. Through the turmoil and suffering, William and Lucy, develop their own love story and are tested to the limit by the persecution of the ste

The bloody hell of war and the saga of family tribulations drive this period drama with exceptional narrative and factual accuracy of the talented author who penned SKULDUGGERY and is becoming one of Australia’s established new authors. “A dark and dramatic prose of family and war that brings the realism of history to your imagination with little effort…a great read…”



Historical Fiction/Romance

The Girl From Saint Petersburg

Peters, Joyana

An Industrial Historical Fiction Series

Sacrifice, Starvation and Survival.

What will she do to stay alive?

Russia, 1905: Thirteen-year-old Ruth dreams of growing up to marry the boy next door and living peacefully ever after. But
when he and her father are forced to flee to America after the Bloody Sunday Massacre, Ruth and the other female members of the family are left behind amid the violence and chaos of revolutionary Russia. Overcoming violence and hunger with a strength she never knew she possessed, Ruth resolves to do what it takes to keep her mother and sister alive—whether it be work, beg or steal.

Then she lands herself in a predicament that threatens to put her own neck in a noose. This time she may not be able to keep them all safe, at least not without sacrificing their love for her and all that makes life worth living.

In this prequel to the award-winning novel, The Girl in the Triangle, author, Joyana Peters, portrays a tight-knit family fighting to endure at a precarious and crucial time in Jewish histor


Historical Fiction

War in Adelaide

Crabbe, Stephen

A South Australian Saga, Book 2

South Australia, 1914.

When war against Germany erupts on the other side of the earth, a huge wave of suspicion, prejudice and persecution floods the Adelaide community. A harsh concentration camp is built for men branded as enemy aliens.

Five diverse people on the home-front are made vulnerable by the war:

Elsie, gifted and ambitious child pianist, with German ancestry.
Oskar, famous sportsman and businessman, also with German origins.
Wilfred, a caring Anglican parish priest, opposed to the war.
Pansy, an outsider by her very nature, but a fighter for the downtrodden.
Little Neddy, a poor communicator with people, yet a prodigious singer with birds in the scrub.

Each finds outer enemies and inner problems. As corpses pile high in faraway Europe, these five lives intertwine and friendships form. How will they meet the challenge of this time of war?

Live with finely etched characters in this luminous fiction based on verifiable facts. A South Australian Saga, Book 2.


Historical Fiction

Conflict on Kangaroo Island

Crabbe, Stephen

A South Australian Saga, Book 1

1913. War is coming, and the island is riven by greed, malice, politics and cold-heartedness. Despite people’s sneers, one young woman takes a stand.

Pansy has always been an outsider, the butt of ridicule. But she sides with the misunderstood and downtrodden, grapples with bullies and bigots.

A daring position when dealing with businessmen who stop at nothing to get rich by exploiting a special indigenous plant … with political clashes over whether to export or preserve natural resources … with innocents suffering at the hands of heartless authorities … and with the approach of war.

As violence grows in the community, Pansy chooses to delve into the dark secrets of the Dodd family—a mystery entangled in the murky past of the island.

Can she handle all that as well as her own inner struggle?

This engrossing tale wraps fascinating characters and verifiable historical fact in the unique natural beauty of Kangaroo Island, South Australia.


Historical Fiction

The Cartographer of Venice

DINGLI, Rosanne

Book 4 - Bryn Awbrey series

A retired couple stumbles on an old mystery ...
... they don't suspect the power of history, and the modern danger it creates.

Water, ships, boats, and boatmen are part and parcel of Venice. When Denise and Roger arrive by yacht, they're bewildered by the mystery of a missing map; a convent's tourist attraction. An ancient quest leads the couple into modern dangers; both of them alarmed and panicking. But even the help of brilliant Professor Bryn Awbrey can't stop the ruthlessness of crooks, who care only for money.

Everyone has their own particular brand of fear. It interrupts, slows, and stops us all. But it must finally be faced. Through history, the missing map fills whoever finds it with dread; from a luckless sea captain to an impatient nun. Can fear keep the map hidden forever?

The Cartographer of Venice is a story that straddles two timelines. The history, food, locations, and mystery of Venice are as vivid today as they were in the 1500s.



Historical Mystery
Medieval to present time

Petals & Pages

DINGLI, Rosanne

The 1919 Spanish influenza causes strife

A sequence of problems plagues Poppy Elgin, who arrives in England from Australia in the midst of the Spanish influenza outbreak. The Great War is over; her troubles are just starting. Will no one come to her aid?

It's 1919, and women are cropping their hair, shortening their skirts, widening their horizons. Will Poppy ever really be an independent woman? Could a new friend be the solution?

Petals & Pages is the heart-warming story of two friends whose valiant attempts at becoming independent women are thwarted at every step.

"From the outset, this beautifully written novella immerses the reader in the mores and atmosphere of England in the 1920s." Amazon review



Historical Fiction


Duggan,III, Henry C.

Amazon Books ebook special price $.99----7/13-1/19

Historic and charming Savannah, Georgia, is the setting for the actual 1820 fire that burned almost half the town, leaving it charred and dazed. An arson investigator is hired by the city to seek the cause and the fire starters. Though faced by multiple trials-a kidnaping, a duel and a villainous attempted drowning- he is determined to succeed. In the midst, he meets a beautiful young lady that captures his heart. Their courtship is a shining light among the challenges.

This novel captures the essence and the culture of probably the world's biggest cotton exporting town of the era. The background consists of the famous squares, magnificent churches, delightful architecture and a bevy of successful Merchant Princes and Cotton Factors.
Henry C. Duggan,III, is also the author of
Silver's Odyssey, a survival story from the
1622 shipwrecked Atocha silver galleon



Historical Fiction
Regency (1820)

The Hand We Are Dealt

Bordas, Robert

Based on a true story of a woman of courage.

Anna stopped counting the times she fell. Now she would take a stand...
Anna Onisko has grown up under the shadow of her tyrannical step-father. Now in her teens she is determined to escape him and fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher. But this is Uzhhorod, Czechoslovakia, the year is 1938 and the Hungarian occupation is about to tear Anna's life apart. Through wartime dangers and family betrayal, Anna has to find the strength to make impossible choices and protect those she loves even if it means sacrificing everything she cares about.
Based on the true story of a woman of courage.


Historical Fiction

Alfred of Wessex, Book One: Inheritance

Carden, Michael

Alfred’s Anglo-Saxon Wessex faces viking invasion

The Kingdom of Wessex is under threat of invasion from the Danes and is divided by rivalries. A young Alfred is thrust into the midst of war and intrigue.

This is the story of Alfred, youngest brother of the Kings of Wessex, who only centuries later would be known as ‘Alfred the Great’.

Alfred of Wessex is based around real historical events during the defence of Anglo-Saxon Wessex, as viking raids turned into full-scale invasion by the pagan Danes.

"The past is brought vividly to life in Carden's excellent historical novel. Although the author's clearly done his research, his insightful touch is warm and carefully measured. Every character, place and battle feels authentic. A fascinating read."



Historical Fiction
Anglo-Saxon England

A Nation in Ruins

McLocklin Neil

English Civil War divides nation and families

In the seventeenth century, Sir John and Lady Mary Bankes, the well-respected Royalist owners of Corffe Castell in Dorsetshire, face the horrific prospect of civil war, instigated by Parliamentarian opponents of Charles I, who has angered his subjects by dissolving the government with the aim of ruling ‘by decree'. The nation is divided and friends turn against friends in the growing threat of deadly conflict. Lady Bankes, a remarkable woman of fortitude, beauty and intelligence, defends her beloved home with the (mostly) loyal backing of the household workers and villagers and with particular support from a retired cavalry captain. Will the Castell and its inhabitants survive the onslaught and to what end?


Historical Fiction
Stuart - English Civil War
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