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The Declaration

Hedbor, Lars D. H.


1774, South-Carolina: A Long-Lost Document and a Forgotten Heritage
Right when Justin Harris thought he’d secured his family’s comfort on their farm in the upcountry of colonial South Carolina, marauding British forces came to threaten everything he held dear. When he takes up arms in support of the Revolution, he cannot guess that his actions will reach across the centuries to change his descendants’ lives.

Katie Harris would rather be finishing up med school than helping her beloved grandmother pack up her home to go and wait for death. A surprise discovery with the potential to rewrite history also offers the chance to preserve the families ties that matter most to her.

The Declaration is the South-Carolina volume in Hedbor’s Tales From a Revolution series. In each of these standalone novels, he examines the American War of Independence as it unfolded in a different colony. If you like enthralling stories of familiar events from unexpected viewpoints, you’ll love The Declaration.

Buy The Declaration today and see how the American Revolution can still affect our lives today!

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