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The Fourth Sword

Delville, Yvon


Returning home from a conference, Elise, a young Belgian nurse, finds herself transported to 1706 in the Southern Netherlands. Upon learning that she can never return to her time, she reluctantly accepts to comply with society’s oppressive rules regarding her gender. Only two options are available for her life: marriage or joining a religious order. She wishes to pursue her nursing vocation, but she would need to become a nun and abandon her independence. Elise has many suitors, but none of them understand her dreams for a life of purpose–until she meets a dashing British officer. However, she is a commoner, and his aristocratic parents oppose their union.
Along her journey, Elise encounters multiple challenges testing her nursing skills. Something worse tests her courage. Extremists gathering support for their political ambitions accuse independent-minded women of witchcraft. Risking far more than her freedom, she must face them armed only with her capacity for compassion.

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