The Founding of the Tudor Golden Age

Crown of Thrones

Anna L Bennett

Crown of Thrones is the imagining of the beginning of the Tudor Era. Henry VII, the last of the Beaufort line, descendant of John of Gaunt, first Duke of Lancaster had won the battle of Bosworth. He defeated Richard III, and has won the crown. When Henry comes to claim his rightful claim to the throne, the House of Lords tells him he must keep his promise to marry the last York princess, Elizabeth of York. Their union proves to be happy, and fruitful becoming the founding parents that leads England into a Golden Age.

Book Excerpt or Article

This scene is between Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon. Both of them contract the sweating sickness, and sleep in separate rooms. This scene is set a few days before Arthur dies. I believe that Arthur and Catherine came to love each other.

Catherine between the hallway that separated their rooms. “Arthur!” she cried. Her voice displayed her worry and frustration. Her voice echoed throughout Ludlow castle. Arthur leaned against the door frame that separated their rooms.

“Catherine, my Catherine,” he whispered softly. His tone was full of love, delicate.

“I wish I was there with you, my love,” Catherine told him.

“Catherine, I’m weak. I don’t think I can survive this.”

“I don’t have time to say this. I’ll tell you now. I love you, Arthur. You, are my honest and true husband.”

She heard his weak laugh, resulting in a whooping cough. He admired her unwavering faith that he would survive. She hadn’t heard it in so long, it thrilled her to the core. “Catherine, I’ve loved you since the moment you came to England.”

“Arthur, I think I’m carrying your son.”

“Name him something noble.”

“Like Edward? After your grandfather?” she asked.

Arthur was as ashen, pale as the face of the moon. The lines of his bones were visible. “I love that name, my son Prince Edward the Sixth.”

“Arthur, get well so we could have a future together.”

“I promise, is that a command, my queen?”

“My first in many, I expect you to fulfill them,” she replied, echoing his teasing tone.

He chuckled and bowed in mock gallantry. “Then I will obey my queen.”

-Excerpt from Crown of Thrones, a novel depicting the lives of the Tudor family.

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Anna L Bennett is a independent Wattpad, Inkitt and Archive of Our Own published author. She is a self published.

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